Saturday, September 30, 2006


I am developing the story of how Aria met up with various characters and where she now fits into the Star Wars galaxy.

When I started with her, she had no history at all. Just a SW template that I modified from the 6D system. She was a former Pirate. Well now she has a history, and so does her mother.
Bear with me as I edit this; I had it saved to another server but because I only go back to it after a great while has passed I forgot my password. I frequent this Blog more often. So I have copied & pasted it, but it's currently all de-html'd now: it's all in one big clump. I have a lot of editing to do. In the meantime, I also have real-life things going on, so I am not sure how fast I can work on this or not. But I will peck at it again now, probably more often now that I see it in here when I pop in to add things to the Blog.

This has been moved to FAN FICTION CENTRAL (see link at top of blog)... I will place a better link to this one at some point, but I think because this was getting too long, several errors started occuring... So now it's on my hard drive... Stay Tuned...

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