Sunday, March 04, 2007

The Bracers of Najus

Hmph! My scanner seemed to suck out all the colour: it's so grey-ish... I will have to fiddle with the scanner settings...
This was part of an adventure where our Light Side Characters were in a race with our Dark Side Characters to find some bracers that had been embued with dark force energy. The Light Side Characters wanted them so that they could destroy them, the Dark Side Characters at first wanted them each for themselves... But when they saw and felt the horrible power it contained and saw the damage it could do, they too decided to destroy them in the end as well...
-Tohra and Sevoriah are sisters, of the felinoid race of Trianii (center); obvious that Sevoriah is darkside, and Tohra is lightside.
-The character up on the left corner is my bounty hunter, Aurynn AKA Kallen... She's got her own story, but basically the Empire hired her to assist with the search for the Bracers.
-The creature up in the right hand corner is a Defel: Arc Menace is an evil wolf-like creature that is very difficult to see in our light spectrum, especially in the dark: even in the daylight Defels look like a shadow.
- Under the left cat (Sevoriah) you can see Chopra, a Twi'Lek who was assisting the team on the light side... She's a smuggler, not unlike Han Solo, and hails from Corellia...
- The pink girl to the right of her (under Tohra) is a Zoltran: similar to Falleen, they have very persuasive pheremones... I can't remember her name at the moment... Keith? What did you say her name was??
- The two dueling are Jaycekken (light side) and Sariss (dark side): fortunately they didn't actually meet, otherwise Jace would've been beaten, simply from lack of experience. It was all a dream.
-Mariganti is the one having this vision and is trying to keep his friends safe from the leeching power of the Bracers...

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