Monday, October 30, 2006


Here is a collage version of the poster I did for our Trinta Adventure. I tried to get an actual photo of it, and it isn't as good as the other posters because I had already framed it.

This was from our Trinta Adventure: there were several adventures leading to this one and continuing after, but this was the one that really stood out for me. Initially, we were attacked by someone who apparently were bounty hunters or, at the very least, were enemies of the Rebel Alliance. We crashed on what appeared to be a haunted or cursed planet. We would have nightmares, but they seemed to come true: Uan'a saw a flaming Rancor that attacked her, and in her dream she died; and then she woke up. Velexa fought Tarc in a light saber duel and she was sliced in half; then she woke up. Eventually, we all went mad... All except Crovax. If it was not for him, we would all be rotting on that swamp planet.

This character... She was a little shady, but we had no choice but to trust her. Her name eludes me at the moment, but she seemed to have that sort of effect on people. In the background you can see the lightning and the green clouds in the background. Everything had a heavy weight to it. It seemed to be the evil, rather than the humidity, that we absorbed into our clothes, our skin and our minds... It was a slow, seeping dread that spread through our bones and made it impossible to feel safe or at peace.

See the eyes in the background? We always felt like we were being watched. It turns out that it was a Jedi, a tormented individual who died after he was tortured at the hands of Darth Vader. It was he who gave away some of the hiding places of other Jedi during the purge of the Jedi. His guilt drove him mad, and the evil vortex that was formed on this planet was the result.

Uan'a's nightmare, above.

Aria here, is about to throw a Zenji Needle. Behind her is the Kazellis Light Freighter. To her right is a panther of sorts that attacked Crovax; it was saturated with evil as well.

Crovax is surrounded by the peace and light of the Force.

We were confused by this image: it seemed to be Raptor Gase, a well-known Rebel Alliance supporter who seemed to have gone bad. He and his band of hunters and trackers were hunting us, and we were attempting to avoid them, and something else was hunting both of our parties. They did catch up to us an momentarily had the advantage. However, we found out by a few well-placed Zenji Needles that it was someone impersonating him.

Uan'a reacting to her nightmare of the Rancor: this image would haunt her dreams for many years to come... To her left are the representations of the undead Dark Jedi who attacked us...

Velexa turns a dark green when angered; she is attacking or defending herself from her nightmare image of Tarc attacking her.

These are not the best images, but I had already framed this poster before I had taken any copies of it, so this is a little bit darker than I would have liked to display. I feel a bit annoyed because SOMEWHERE in my house I have some slides of this work as well that are better lit, courtesy of Keith. It's driving me bonkers that I can't find them, but when I do I will put those on this site as well.

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