Saturday, January 27, 2007

Something Old is now Something New

These are OOOOLD, but not to you! LOL

(above) Skimming the Silver Lining:
inspired by Anne McCaffrey's Dragonriders of Pern -- I believe it was Lee Edwards' portrayal of the dragons that I really like.
Here is an example of his paintings of dragons... Myself, I was influenced by some pictures of Chinese dragons: those dragons looked like dogs... Add the extra sheer wings and we have our happy dragon...

(above) Wakeful Dreams

(above) Mare Nubium: inspired by C.S. Lewis: The Magician's Nephew

(above) FRAGMENTS OF A NIGHTMARE: I originally did one lino carving, rolled ink over it, and rolled it through a press. Oldstyle! In the above is only one of those prints, and with the help of my antiquated, yet somewhat useful, paint program, I was able to edit out the smudges, add chunks that fell off the lino and therefore didn't print (wrist and thumb), and then copy and paste in reverse and also upside down. I rather like the effect!

(above) RATS: This young lady was carved on a copper plate with a dentist tool. These four are all from the same plate, but done slightly differently. The upper left was done with rolling ink over it, but then removing a large amount of it. The upper right one was done after etching on it for shading and then dipping it for a short time in some mild acid. The bottom left one had some ink smudge off after going through the press. The bottom right one, I believe is the same as the upper left... So essentially (if scanning something is removing it from its original reality and transporting it to cyberspace/digitalizing it) the final print it is a digital replica of a digital replica of the original (twice removed), while the other three are only digital replicas of their original prints (once removed).

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