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Monday, July 18, 2005

REBEL FORCES: the poster series

*phew* It took me a few hours, but I had a BIG piece of paper to scan about 20 times so I could piece it all together...
I had to sort of cut around some edges and it's still not perfect, but it's darn near. I LOVE our new scanner! Best Buy ROCKS!
It's the most user friendly scanner/program ever. I highly recommend the HP PSC 1315v, 3-in-one: printer, scanner, photo, and comes with a photo and scrap book program. Ya can't beat it. Just remember to buy the cord because for some reason it isn't included in the box.
This rendering is pretty close to the original, although the colours are a bit brighter in some spots and darker in others, not actually consistant with the real drawing.
I prefer to use Mayfair paper because it absorbs the liquid but also remains flat. For the outline I start with a 2H or 4H pencil and use various black pens and marker: my favourite is the MICRONE (water-proof archival ink). To colour in, I use Pantone Tria markers by Letraset (they are so cool, they have a thick end, and a medium tip that you can also take off and under that is a FINE tip! That's THREE tips people!).Posted by Picasa

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