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Saturday, July 23, 2005


Here's Leah dressed as Velexa. I attempted to make a sort of skull cap with green papier mache paper but the material didn't fit my vision (Velexa's hairline, as with most female Falleens, are way, way back, similar to a Klingon's, so that was what I was trying to accomplish). So I attached a big long black wig to the back of the skull cap and to make it all more seamless, she wore another wig underneath. Also when I tried to match the colour with the face paint I purchased, we found out that the green colour of papier mache didn't match the makeup. I suppose I could've darkened the makeup on her face, but if I recall we were either running out of time to get somewhere or we were running out of makeup. She seemed happy enough with the result (bless her). She certainly dressed the part! She wore a gold chain belt as well as plenty of jewelry, gloves, and flowing silky outfit and black cape. Best case scenario would've been that I could have access to and the money to produce actual rubber masks! Posted by Picasa

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