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Friday, July 22, 2005

SHADOW, Aria's Speeder

Aria had to enter a race to get some credits during one adventure, and decided it would be best to sign up under an alias. She's got some speeder skills, but she's a natural pilot on pretty much anything, like her father was. She actually received a download from her former martial arts coach as a result, which startled her. Aria's chose the pseudonym Yobhee Reissem.
Reissem was her father's first name (he was KIA which is covered in ARIA's story). I came up with the name to honour now-retired hockey player Mark Messier - the last name, spelled backward.
Yobhee happened to be the real first name of Aria's instructor, who up until they parted ways, only referred to herself as "Shadow." Could there be ties to Aria's mother? Is this someone else who knew why her mother, Ariasha, had been banished on Tatooine?
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