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A close-up of Lebbie, who eventually becomes Aria's trusted friend & mentor... Posted by Hello

Charlebbekka grew up on Kashyyyk among the majestic and mighty wroshyr trees. She and her family were forced to flee her homeworld when the Imperials took over and forced Wookiees to join labour camps. She and her children and several other members of her triber were captured by Trandoshans who were being paid by the Empire. They were herded like banthas into a containment cell. Her eldest daughter tried to attack the Trandoshans so some of her clan could escape, but unfortunately this set off a series of irreversible events. Trandoshans are not well-known for holding back in a fight, and systematically, in one blood-letting masacre, all the Wookiees in that container were murdered. The Imperials were annoyed, and only paid one quarter of the bounty promised for that containment pod. Perhaps a dock in pay would remind the lackeys to use some restraint next time.

Charlebbekka was thought to be dead, and she was grievously wounded, but was “rescued” by a certain Captain Rugar and his crew aboard the modified freighter The Tusk. He originally wanted to sell her for slavery, but reasoned that her strength and technical abilities would be a welcome addition to the crew, thanks to a little risky persuasion from the human Reissem Gunnir. It was actually this man who had pulled her out of the cell she was in while on a piracy raid. Charlebbekka begrudgingly came along for the ride, feeling that some protection against slavery was better than none, and she hoped eventually a better opportunity would present itself.

That opportunity did come - Reissem. He had joined the crew a few months previously in an effort to save up enough money to get his family off of Tatooine. Because of his accounts of his family, Charlebbekka felt an immediate kinship to this man. Both of them wanted to free their families from oppression. The Wookiee had a chance to meet his wife and daughter, and although they only spent a few days together, Lebbie formed quite a friendship with his daughter, Aria. She was amazed how like her daughter Aria was, and how quickly she picked up on the Wookiee language of Shryywook.

Charlebbekka steadily worked her way up to the promotion of First Mate to Rugar, since there was such a high “turnover” rate. They worked together with the rest of the crew for several years, until The Tusk made the fatal mistake of trying to pirate a crew of Imperials disguised as a common freighter vessel.

During the back-fired boarding attempt, Reissem was killed, blocking a shot that would have killed Charlebbekka. With his dying breath, he asked the Wookiee to look after his family.

Charlebbekka, her heart moved by this honourable man and his request, promised to do so. She searched his belongings before the crew divided them amongst themselves, and took credits and some pictures of his family.

She then persuaded the captain to land on Tatooine for a “shore leave.” It was during this time she sought and found Aria, only 18 at the time, working like a slave and looking after her sick mother. Although Aria’s mother, Ariasha, was sick with some sort of slow, debilitating disease, she was also forced to work to survive. Ariasha’s deteriorating health made it impossible to go with them, but at her adamant insistence, Charlebbekka left Tatooine with Aria. This allowed her the freedom to take over her father’s post and continue saving money to help her pay off her mother’s health costs.

Charlebbekka gave Reissem’s credits to the Aria as a partial downpayment toward the debt of doctoring and medicine, such as it was on Tatooine. It was enough to hire a medical droid to look after her mother and keep it maintained. Eventually, there were enough credits to hire some hands to do the majority of the maintenance of the vaporator operations and distribution. Aria and Charlebbekka worked together for a few more years on The Tusk, with the Wookie teaching Aria much of the trade. Frequently, the two discussed in hushed voices how dishonourable Captain Rugar was, and how, in part, he was responsible for Reissem’s death.

This all came to a head when Rugar decided to attack a damaged ship full of fleeing Wookie refugees, forgetting that Charlebbekka would support the code of the Wookies, roughly translated: Thou shalt not harm your own. Aria was already unsettled by the greed and violence that seemed to rule Captain Rugar. This was the final event that led to a confrontation between Aria and the captain.

During the brawl, Aria accidentally killed the captain, although the price was the loss of her arm. Charlebbekka took on the responsibility of captain. This was the main reason the other shipmates didn’t tear Aria apart for killing Rugar.

Aria was free to go, as she wished. Charlebbekka informed Aria that she was a part of her honour-family, and even though they were choosing different paths, she would always be welcome back.

Although Aria’s mother ultimately died soon after Aria’s return to Tatooine, Charlebbekka could not be found. It turned out that the bounty for Wookies had been rising, and the crew of The Tusk had begun to plot against her. She managed to escape. A Wookiee prefers fight to flight, however. In time, her fury toward her pursuers and all Wookie slavers brought her to the conclusion that she would have to join the Rebel Alliance to face the Empire. Charlebbekka met Aria again, as Lieutenant Gunnir, in the Rebel Alliance. Which may bring up interesting problems when Charlebbekka meets Aria’s Trandoshan friend, Karnic Foe...

Charlebbekka: Female WOOKIEE; Ex-Pirate
142 Yrs; 7'
Reddish brown fur with light brown around the eyes and middle of chest; brown eyes.
Carries a bowcaster & bandolier.

Bowcaster 5D
Dodge 5D
Melee Combat
Melee Parry

Search 4D
Sneak 4D
+1D in Jungle
Hide +1D in Jungle

Intimidation 5D
Planetary Systems 4D
Alien Species

Brawling 7D
Climbing/Jumping 5D
+2D with Claws (wood/tree)
Stamina 5D

Astrogation 4D
Space Transport 5D
Starship Gunnery 4D
Starship Shields
Beast Riding

Space Transport Repair 5D
Blaster Repair
Droid Program/Repair
Repulsorlift Operat
Computer Program/Repair
First Aid

Family: Killed in a botched slave run; Imps & Trandoshans involved. New Honour Family - the Gunnirs. She was employed on the same vessel as Aria Gunnir's father, Reissem. It was Reissem who rescued her from a containment unit, full of slaughtered Wookie. The Trandoshans were going to get paid a fraction the bounty on the Wookiees, since apparently all were slaughtered and therefore couldn't be put to use as slaves for the Empire. After an official was to count and assess the value the bodies were to be dumped like garbage into space.

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