Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Timid, but resourceful... AUN'ARUCIA KI is a rare one. You don't see too many light-furred Bothans... Everyone needs someone to sneak around and get you into trouble? And the spynet can be very useful!
Our own "plucky comic relief:" Aun'A, has been frightened by her own reflection (it was in a dark ice cave, and she got so freaked out she fell and slid out of the cave, where our characters were all standing around looking at her like she was a nut). She's forgotten to taughten the repel gun on a descent, and almost plunged to her death. She tightened the clutch and smacked right into one of our characters, who was already beat up pretty good.
On a different adventure: Our ship had crashed on a planet called Trinta, and they were exploring the ship after the crash for salvage. Suddenly, for some reason, the ship started sinking further into the swamp. Our little Bothan lept up onto the back of her Reiget buddy - a big brute nicknamed BRUISER. (Leah was so excited, because she kept rolling 6s on her Wild Dice, but then the GM told her it was to damage Crovax with her claws. She felt pretty sheepish!) Poor Bruiser had a lot of little bandaids and OxySporon used up from his medpac that day.
Then there was the time she went to a bar with her group, looking for information (where else would they be). They were trying to blend into the whole local/tourist thing. In this adventure there was a problem with locals getting mugged, and to blend in our ladies in the group pretended that they were scared to walk back to their hotel alone. That's when they asked a couple of stormtroopers to walk with them. They heard a noise in the alley, (a distraction from members of our party) and that's when Aun'A tried to pick up a stormtrooper. She went right up to one and tried to snuggle up to one of them (failing miserably)! If a stormtrooper could look amused...
Speaking of bars, make sure Aun'A avoids buying drinks she is unfamiliar with. She saw someone drinking a drink called a Flame-Out, and she simply stated to the barkeep, "I'll have what he's having." After she swallowed that drink in one swig we had to carry her back to the hotel to recover!

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