Monday, May 02, 2005


REBEL FORCES: My Favorite things about Star Wars? Aside from the original stories and movies from the 70s? Well, that would be developing & interacting with new characters, enhancing the characters I've already got (I have been working on some for about 10 years), going on adventures and getting together to hang out...

How do I do this? Not as much time as I used to have, now that I work full time, and have been dealing with some health issues over the last 4 years. Also, it's a lot tougher to get all our buddies together. This is all BASED ON STAR WARS ROLE PLAYING: Aria is my favourite character. Lately I have been working on a sort of novel about her... I've enjoyed developing her through role playing, but I also wanted to imagine her back before she was a Pirate, and then later a Rebel. Also I really enjoyed the two times I did the Galaxy/Game Mastering.... I just would want to have way more time to plan.

My husband David is an awesome writer, and tries to involve all the characters in something during his adventures - sort of a little side-story connecting to the main one. Our good friend Keith has got skills, too - his style is to let the characters decide more what to do & however we want them to go through the storyline, that's where he takes us. David excels at writing up the background on the characters; Keith excels at making little miniatures that look like our characters and also draws some really detailed art with paints and charcoal. Me, my style is with those cool three-tipped pens from Colours at Norcal.

Enough said for now though... Gotta get blogging!

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graham said...

Fine show. Lotta love went into these characters.

Forgive if I'm a little bleary at the mo' & thus am not functioning at full capacity.

Keep it up. There's a thread in the WotC's Praxeum (one of mine, I confess, created under my previous alias, set aside for character stats & write-ups.

As it stands now I have, in my typical fashion decided it would be a fine thing to run 5 characters (including one bad, bad girl), in four time zones & three countries all on separate (converging story arcs).

Stay safe. Sane is optional.


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