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CROVAX "BRUISER" BRUMAXXIUM... The Force is with him... He helped us out on a mission on a creepy planet called Trinta. Aun'A (Bothan) had a hullucination that a flaming Rancor was chasing her. Velexa had a vision that she was cut in half by a Dark Jedi. Aria lost her mind and started screaming and singing because it was too quiet. Somehow our beloved Bruiser was the calm inside the storm and held us all together. Without him, we would've been gonzo, baby. That's why he got a medal for that adventure and the rest of us got meds.

Below you can read David's description of his character... Posted by Hello

Professional Bouncer/Merc-for-Hire; Male/Reigat; 30 yrs; 7' ; 311 lbs
Description: Bald with blue and grey skin. Blue eyes. Very muscular. Bares a flame tattoo on his left shoulder. Usually wears a tunic.
“There is no emotion; there is peace. There is no ignorance; there is knowledge. There is no passion; there is serenity. There is no death; there is the Force.”

The giant Reigat known as Crovax Brummaxxium was born and raised on the planet of Reigat. As a young lad “Bruiser” was immediately recognized by the Elders in his village as being the most athletically gifted, as well as having immense physical strength for his age. His nickname, “Bruiser”, was given to him by his mentor and former Smasher Ball Champion, Galf Zaffada.

Zaffada took Bruiser under his proverbial wing and showed the composed young Reigat how to drive the Smasher Ball through the impenetrable wall of his opponent’s defences. For 3 years, Bruiser made his presence felt in the arena. The young Reigat championed his way to the ultimate goal: a title match with his mentor, the Royal Champion at that time, Galf Zaffada. Crovax was only 13 standard years old at the time.

It was an outstanding match, but in the end the old mentor was victorious. His mix of wit, guile, and experience had won over Bruiser’s strength, heart, and determination. Bruiser took the loss like a true champion. He would not be denied the next year, however, as Bruiser bested Zaffada in the greatest match in Reigat history. At the age of 14 Crovax “Bruiser” Brumaxxium was the youngest Smasher Ball Champion ever!

A year later, when the rapidly growing Reigat had claimed every title, every honour, every championship that Smasher Ball had to offer, Galf Zaffada introduced Bruiser to Grand Master Olta of the Warrian clan. It would be a tremendous journey into the unknown for Bruiser. A full decade of intense training in the Martial Arts of K’thri.

After 10 years of physical and mental training under the tutelage of Grand Master Olta, Bruiser was instructed by his master to explore the realms of space. He was told to seek out new challenges and gain knowledge through the his trials and tribulations:

“For an empty soul their will always remain an empty heart, unless you fill them both up, like one writes with ink in a blank journal."
These were Grand Master Olta's parting words to the towering Crovax.

After Bruiser left his home planet, he continued towards his mastery of the K’thri arts. He practised daily, faithful to his craft. Sometimes Bruiser would train for many hours, nonstop, expanding his knowledge of the proper techniques - as Grand Master Olta had shown him - using his great strength as a fierce weapon, or practising his defensive parrying skills.

One of the problems that Bruiser encountered while travelling from planet to planet, system to system, was that he was not overly proficient with mechanical and technical skills. This left Bruiser with few choices concerning which career path he was bound for. The most logical choice was to gravitate towards using his great strength and K’thri arts training in establishments that needed hired muscle. Bruiser excelled at these tasks, for it served as a challenge. It was a chance to meet strange new alien species, observe different cultures, and the pay wasn’t bad either.

The following is a written statement of a conversation that took place between Jabba the Hutt and a famous Bounty Hunter. The Bounty Hunter remains conveniently anonymous.

The first time I saw the kid, I was impressed by his physical size. A huge, muscular
lad with a fire burning in his steely eyes. But I soon learned that it was his cool under-pressure temperament that made me take a good, long, hard look at the

I was having a glass of my favourite ale when he strolled into the Cantina on a especially hot, dry Tatooine evening. He seemed unafraid, chin held high, eyes calmly surveying the Cantina’s surroundings. Even then the boy was
bald. Unusual for a Reigat I’d say.

He walked up to the bar surrounded by a menagerie of aliens and ordered a glass of water. That is when I noticed that the lad was completely unarmed; not a single weapon, unless you count the large back pack the boy was hefting. I watched in great interest as two blaster-wielding thugs starting harassing Big Blue.

“It is unwise boy,” the first thug boomed, “to come into Mos Eisley Cantina unarmed.”

“Unwise?” The Reigat replied smoothly in a low steady voice.

“Yeah punk,” the second thug said, pointing the barrel of a heavy blaster pistol under the boy’s blue chin.

“Either you’re the stupidest man in this here bar, or your species, whatever the
hell you are, think that just because your carrying a little extra muscle, you’re far superior than my friends here.”

“I’m only going to tell you this one time,” the Reigat countered in a calm unaffected tone. “Remove your weapon from up under my chin - “

”Or you’ll do what?” The thug cut the boy off in unabated anger.

Let me tell you Jabba, the kid moved like a Tatooine sandstorm; fast, deadly, and utterly punishing. I can’t exactly explain it, 'cause it happened so fast, but the kid snapped the blaster- wielding thug’s arm off at the elbow - literally Jabba - ripped it right off... and the blaster was still clutched in the thug’s severed hand.

The second man threw a wicked roundhouse punch that looked like it was going to connect with Big Blue’s jaw. But the boy easily parried the blow, and in one smooth motion lifted the man off the floor by his throat and power-slammed him through a nearby table. Both men had little time to scream.

The boy didn’t even break the slightest bit of sweat, and as he downed the last remaining swallow of his water, he looked at the bar-keep and calmly said, “Sorry about the mess. I don’t have many credits left, probably not enough to pay for the damage here, so I’ll come by tomorrow evening and watch over the place for you, just in case things get out of hand.”

The barkeep dared not disagree.

This ends the written part of the conversation between Jabba the Hutt and the anonymous Bounty Hunter.

Jabba was impressed, real impressed, by what the Bounty Hunter had told him of this chance meeting with the young Reigat. After a few years Bouncing in the Mos Eisley Cantina, and keeping a close watch on the boy, Jabba thought it was time to give the kid a chance. A chance to prove his worth to Jabba the Hutt.

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