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Here's ZYPHR KRYMSYN: The only lass in the SW galaxy (of mine) with no vowels in her name! *LOL* Posted by Hello

Zyphyr was born on Thyrsus. Her mother, Phyra, took her off-planet after she was a few months old to Corellia. Phyra met and married a crack technician named Kragar. He worked for a while at the Corellian Engineering Corporation (the New Essential Guide to Weapons & Technology 2004), but now owns his own shop on Corellia called "The Fusioncutter." Because of his great skill he occasionally freelances for his former company and is also often hired out to do work for the Empire, bounty hunters, and other mercaneries - as long as they didn't ask any questions or give him too many details, just credits. When he is away on these projects, if need be, he leaves the store run by some of his loyal employees.

The only world Zyphyr ever knew was Corellia, and the only father she ever knew was Kragar. She followed him around and watched him work ever since she was a toddler.

But one evening, at the age of 12, she heard her parents arguing; something about her needing to know the truth. Phyra pointed out that Zyphyr didn’t have to know the truth because she only knew Kragar as her father, and she was a happy child, and that was good enough. Kragar, on the other hand, was saying he thought it did matter, because he loved Zyphyr like his own daughter. He reminded his wife that he had been adopted and was never told until he found out accidentally when he was 21. He was angry at his parents for the longest time, feeling betrayed because the truth was kept from him. He didn’t want Zyphyr to find out that way.

Zyphyr demanded, right then and there, for them to explain themselves. Her reluctant mother explained that Kragar was not her biological father. She had been married to a man who worked closely with Emperor Palpatine. He had told her he might be chosen for the great honour and position of an Imperial Guard. She had found out that she was pregnant, but didn't have the heart to tell him this. It turned out that she would never be able to tell him, because he was killed during a training exercise – or at least that was what she had been informed. There was no body, no funeral. Just a medal that mysteriously arrived in her deposit box with a datapad explaining the circumstance in which her father had died, as well as what appeared to be her father's will and testament. Pregnant and heartbroken, Phyra had just wanted to move on after Zyphyr was born, and, she explained, that was why they had moved. She felt torn about telling her daughter.

Zyphyr was glad her mother had told her, partially because she always secretly wondered... She didn’t look at all like her blonde, hazel-eyed mother, nor did she look like Kragar, who was dark-haired and grey-eyed. Of course she asked a million questions about her biological father. Her mother responded only by digging out of a closet a small box. Zyphyr opened it and saw the medal, an ornately gold inscribed with the phrase Faithful Servant of the Empire as well as a datapad. When she activated the screen, she beheld her father. She noted, with a wry grin, that he had a shock of curly red hair, like her.

The notes said, “If you are reading this, please forgive me, as will not be able to return home. This is my will and testiment. I just want to say to my wife, Phyra, that I am honoured and fortunate to have met you, and now I am honoured and fortunate to be Chosen to guard the life of our All-Powerful Emperor. I will always love you and will never forget you. And for whatever challenges lay ahead for you, may you greet them with your heart and mind and soul. I love you both, and I have arranged for my assets to become yours, as you will see in the additional data download. “

This changed Zyphyr’s direction in life, somewhat. She was still proud to be trained by her adoptive father, but she also at that point in her life began to seek out training in martial arts and meditation. She entered tournaments and competitions and far out-did those in the same disciplines she was versed in, even those several years her senior.

Eventually she decided to seek her fortune, making her parents proud. By the time she had turned twenty, she was as brilliant as Kragar with a technical kit and, Phyra stated simply that, her biological father would also be proud.

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