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JACE is my first male character, which is a bit of a challenge for me. My character is probably quite in touch with his feminine side (because I'm his subconsciousness)! *LOL* He's very polite, refined, noble, charming, educated, and reminds me a little of my husband David, actually (except Jace has one blue eye & one green eye). Jace has Jedi skills and very good languages ability; either is good for getting out of/into certain situations.

My buddies and my husband had a roleplay where we had to scale a cliff wall. David was Galaxy Master & Keith and Leah had female characters. Jace happened to be climbing first, and Chopra (Twi'lek) and Tohra (Trianni) started having a conversation about how nice Jace's butt was. It's an ongoing inside-joke now. I still get caught unawares once in a while, when one of our friend's characters comments on his cute @$$! Jacekkyn Khyrstik needs a tee-shirt: "This is not the ass you're looking for..." *ROTFLMAO*
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Exiled Noble - Male/Human - 28 yrs - 6' - 190 lbs
Athletic build; blonde hair (usually styled spiky, with a braid off to the side), goatee; left eye green/right eye blue.
Wears inconspicuous, although custom-fit clothing; has some skills in archaic weaponry, some Jedi skills with a light saber and extensive knowledge, especially in languages. Very diplomatic, highly skilled in public relations.

“Come, rally with us. The defeat of the Empire is imminent.”
“The Empire is darker and more far-reaching than outer space... Or so it seems. They will be swallowed up by their own darkness one day. On that day, the bright stars of the Rebellion will merge into one great Light to show us the way.”

I remember details about Derilyn before the attack as though they still exist today, and I sometimes feel as if could go and visit there tomorrow. I was eight years old, on a trip with my mother, Ossanna. We were going to meet with some people on the other side of the planet on the continent where Dorrak was the largest city. We had come from Derilysa, my mother hoping to gather intelligence and information about the disappearance of her brother, my uncle, Senator Wuxod.

Ossanna was a city councillor of Derilysa, and my father, Bujal, was a minor Jedi who had stayed behind there in order to spearhead a related investigation. He and our wealthy extended family were all recognized as able adjudicators in justice and civic duties.

I remember watching Senator Wuxod, who had announced on a call-in holo-show that Palpatine had to be stopped, and Derilyn would not sit idly by and be bullied into submission by an upstart government. Many sympathetic callers responded, some outraged, others worried.

Soon after that broadcast, he disappeared.

When I asked Mother why she thought the Empire would take away her brother, she replied, “Because, Jace, he told the truth. Sometimes people who tell the truth are taken away, so lies and corruption will not be brought into the light. That is why the Empire is so dark. Darkness is for thieves and cut-throats.”

Just as we had touched down on Dorrak, we received an urgent call from my father on an emergency channel from his office.

“Ossonna, take Jace and get off this planet - NOW!”

“Bujal, why, wha -?”

“Ossonna!” He interrupted. “We’re being invaded by Imperials. No time to explain. Just go into hiding somewhere amongst the 14 moons of Sotipe. I’ll look for you there...”

My mother had tried to press for more explanations but my father’s communications went down. We didn’t know what had happened, we could only hope he would meet us soon.

We waited as instructed, the hours turning into days, but we could not stand not knowing. My mother did not cry in front of me, but I woke sometimes to hear her crying softly. At the time, I think I was too frightened to cry. All I knew at that age was anything that could make my mother cry was to be feared... And hated.

The dread in our hearts overwhelmed us and, after the third day, we ventured cautiously back to Derilyn.

On approach to the planet, we were appalled to find the entire globe flanked by Star Destroyers and TIE fighters. We could see the devastation of Paran from our vantage point, and feared the worst for my father. But somehow I got a feeling that everything was alright, and in my mind, unbidden, came my father’s face; a sad smile on his lips, but a determined spark in his eye. I saw all this, even as my mother frantically prepped us for hyperspace, trying to dodge a TIE fighter’s volley.

Mother took the fastest route out of the Elrood system that she felt was safest. We took the RIMMA TRADE ROUTE instead of the more used HYDIAN WAY and made a quick stop on SLUIS VAN to stock up on food and fuel.

I told my mother what I had seen and felt just before our abrupt departure.

She flung her arms around me and said through tears, “Your father is alive! Oh thank you for giving me his message! It gives us hope. We will go back someday, but for now... I have a plan for us...”

We eventually found a safe haven on Mrlsst. The inhabitants were peaceful and intelligent, and the planet was renowned for its universities and scientific studies. My mother raised me there, and encouraged me to take up languages as a specialty. I immediately saw the reasoning behind this. When you know a planet’s native tongue, it’s surely a diplomat’s dream - especially when you are rallying Rebel cells and resistance groups.

My mother hooked us up with the Alliance early on. She became a communications liaison with resistance groups on Derilyn. The last time I saw her was shortly after my eighteenth birthday. She was going on a mission; she was to be smuggled in a converted freighter with medicine and technology to sneak to the Derilytes.

She never came back, but Alliance spies informed me that she is still alive and surviving in Derilyn in a secret network of tunnels in the ruins of Paran - and my father is with her. I remind myself about the Jedi Code, as my father taught me.

I will not jeopardize the lives of my parents or the citizens of Derilyn by acting in a rashly vengeful manner. I will not let my anger turn me to the Dark Side. I will have friends and allies beside me when my planet is freed from oppression, and our cause will be a righteous one. I no longer fear my destiny, for I can change it. I realize that my purpose, at least in these times, is to rally forces and someday defeat the Empire. When that day comes, I hope and pray to see my parents' faces again.

I still get the occasional vision or dream, so I know my father struggles, but lives. I have been gathering knowledge. I listen to the reports from Derilyn when I can. I wait and bide my time. Some day I will return home to my parents and my people in full light of day, in front of all eyes, and I will celebrate with them all... on a peaceful day.

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