Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Meet TOHRA, Triannii Ranger. She's classy and has one kick-ass retractable clawed medium-range melee weapon. She was on her way to great things... and then her twin sister showed up: Savoria. Way nastier, and not just because she's, um... sluttier. Savoria's just bad, through and through, and we're talkin' Dark Side bad, baby. The sisters had one hellova fight. Apparently sibling rivalry can be deadly... And that's how they becaaaame the Braaaady Buuuuunch!

The Falleen Connection: When Velexa was still on Falleen, her family was heavily involved with "National Security." Her mission was to meet with the head of the Trianii Rangers to discuss security tactics, namely Tohra. On her way to meet Tohra word reached her that the Empire destroyed Falleen. (According to the SW Encyclopedia: Ten years before the Battle of Endor, Darth Vader had established a biological warfare lab. A bacterium was accidentally released from quarantine. The entire city around the lab was "sterilized:" burned to the ground, to stop the spread of the incurable flesh-destroying disease. 200,000 Falleen were killed, including Velexa's entire family. Incidentally, a certain Prince Xizor also lost his family in this massacre).

After that, Velexa was devastated, and of course all thoughts of meeting Tohra were completely engulfed in grief and rage. Eventually, after some time recovering (somewhat), Velexa ended up going to another planet to continue her education, and that's when she joined the RA.

Tohra, meanwhile, arrived where the appointed meeting was supposed to be. She eventually attempted to contact Velexa, and it took several days before she found out what had actually happened. The felinoid was similarly shaken and fearful that a mere branch of government had destroyed an entire city, and assumed that Velexa had either perished or had to flee. She went back to Trian to find that her twin sister, Sehvoriah, had heard about the meeting that never happened and had turned everyone against Tohra. Tohra had tried to explain, but Sehvoriah was a sly one and had been setting her sister up for failure for years. No one believed Tohra, or they were afraid to admit it, or they were paid not to. That's when Tohra left in disgust and eventually joined the Rebel Alliance so she could lend her abilities to a cause that she was proud to enlist in.

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