Wednesday, May 11, 2005

VELEXA NAMOON: The sexiest Falleen this side of... Hell, who cares which side of where? Xizor's got nothin' on this one. Velexa's a loyal friend and comes in handy when you need a distraction, a right-hand man, a kick in the ass, or a good pistol-whipping.

The REIGET connection: Velexa met Crovax on a mission on REUSSI... The mission: infiltrate and get information on an illegal Cyborging operation. Crovax was in a "family" run by a human called Torel Vorne. If you wanted to be in this powerful cartel, to show allegiance you were pretty much expected to sacrifice a limb or "buy parts" to enhance your "weak biological frame." This was a ritual that many welcomed, to become part of the group. It was definitely something Vorne welcomed, but more because of how many credits it took to buy the equipment and get a med droid to do the operation free of charge. Crovax felt pretty much forced into the decision: if he backed out, it would mean he was disloyal, and if he was disloyal, it would mean he wouldn't be alive much longer. He needed the work and he needed a place to belong, as he was an outcast in his culture, so he felt he wouldn't have anywhere else to go anyway. He had waited a long time to become part of a larger purpose, but no opportunities had surfaced, so he was caught in his own circumstances.

There was an immediate attraction (the Force works in mysterious ways) between the Falleen and the Reiget, and after some discussion Velexa convinced Crovax to join them & he wouldn't have to sacrifice any limbs. From that point on, Crovax has been a valuable member of the Rebel Alliance, thanks to Velexa.

Crovax has also been training Velexa in the Force. She has a lightsaber with a yellow blade.

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Other notes:

Velexa met Luke Skywalker on one of her missions, which was probably a good thing. Velexa had a bit of a brush with the Dark Side when she attempted to kill someone who was imprisoned. Unfortunately at the time, Crocax had gone to visit his dying master, and wasn't able to help Velexa until he came back.

She has a little monkey-like creature called Veshna, the species being Sanl'jek. It's a communal forest herbivore from a planet called Arzid in the Outer Rim Territories, where we were on a mission. We were all on our way to the inner-most jungles of the Macaab Forest, where giant mushrooms grew. Alliance Intelligence had sent word that the mushrooms contained a chemical that could be made into a serum to be used as an antidote against the Imperials' mind-altering drugs. On our way out we came upon a small sapient that was apparently set as bait by some brutish nastier, bigger sapients one could only describe as Tree Goblins. We got harrassed all night by those apish creatures. Veshna, as Velexa named her little pal, is a very intelligent creature, who seemed to possess some speech ability. It seems they had forged a very special friendship together, as Veshna refused to leave when it was time for Velexa to go, and they've been together ever since.

Velexa has a connection with Tohra, but they haven't actually met since the tragedy on Falleen in our adventures... yet.Posted by Hello

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