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KALLEN: AKA Auron: or serial batch # JF-NK*07*
JF= Jengo Fett
NK= Noran Kaine
#= batch number

A very rich young Moff inherited his title and assets from his equally wealthy father, Senator Kaine. Kallen was one of those assets.

Around the time of the Clone Wars, some of Kaine's intelligence informed him about a certain skilled Bounty Hunter who gave his DNA to some Kaminoan scientists.

Kaine had an infant son, but no wife, as Noran Kaine had been killed in an act of political vengeance during the slow atrophy of the Republic's Galactic Senate. He wanted a bodyguard, skilled and lethal as the Emperor's Crimson Guards. At the same time, however, before he died (of natural causes or otherwise) the senator wanted someone to establish a situation where someone would look after the welfare of his son. He persuaded the Kaminoan scientists to combine his wife's DNA with that of Jengo Fett's and procured ten samples.

Three of the ten samples were destroyed systematically as soon as XY chromosomes were detected; he didn't want males. He halted the development of six more "samples" at various ages as soon as something disatisfied him. For instance, he didn't want anything that reminded him of his wife - although beautiful, he felt she was also quite small and weak. A few clones didn't measure up to the constant rigorous physical or mental tests. The remaining three he kept.

The clones DNA was not as tampered with as the Clones of the Clone Wars. They had distinct personalities and enough independence to know when to act individually when the need arose. All three clones had been manufactured to grow and develop much more quickly, and by the time they were only about 8 years of age, they appeared as fully-developed female adults. Only once they hit the appearance and physical age of 18 did their DNA signal their growth slow down again.

The three were finally given names other than their serial batch numbers: Skarn # JF-NK*02*. , Danam # JF-NK*04*, and Kallen # JF-NK*07*. All three were outfitted in armour that disguised very well that they were female, even going so far as to alter their vocals to sound mechanically male. When Senator Kaine was home, he would take time to look after his son and train him in politics and tactical warfare. When he was away, the ladies would teach his son hand-to-hand combat and defence, as well as target practice.

If he was on a road trip he would take two of his bodyguards with him (although they weren't always in plain view), and leave one at home. He always rotated their roles, but only he could tell them apart. All three wore exactly the same armour and sounded exactly the same to everyone else.

As it happened, about twenty two years later Kaine was killed. Unfortunately it was his own bodyguards that did the deed. Danam had turned on him, having tired of his schemes of power and her restrictive life, and also jealous of her two sisters. Skarn had jumped to his defence, but not in time to defend him, and the two battled each other. However, Kallen had witnessed Danam's attack from a great distance and had noted Skarn's failure to defend him. Kallen killed both to avenge the only person she had known as her father and in disgust for their actions.

She then, she felt, finished training her half-brother and eventually he quickly rose to power. He's the youngest Moff in the fleet. For several years she watched him and was proud of him. He gave her a choice: "You can stay or you can go explore what's out there." He knew her life's work was his welfare, and was wise enough to realize that she ought to go and seek her own fortunes, lest he someday suffer the same fate (although he didn't exactly articulate this). He sent her out on missions on her own and eventually she came into her own employment as a hired Bounty Hunter or Merc (depending on the job).

Nobody was as good at a job than her.

Kallen wears heavily modified Stormtrooper armour: she had guantlets with an array of weaponry and climbing tools as well as a helmet by which she can verbally control her mechanical functions, such as her jetpack. She's deadly with any weapon, but her favourite is her blaster. Posted by Hello

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